We can respond to client requests  to give them co- verage of the market with a quantity of transport units and short time of delivery.



Consolidate transport

Two times from Western Europe and two times from Turkey. Both with very favourable prices. We work with renowned world companies in this kind of transport.


Railway transport

Intersped can organize the transport of goods by railway (route trains, group wagon, etc.). We have the contracts with public company “Railways of FBiH”. That is base to organize bulk transport for our clients. Also, we can organize the overburden to another type of vehicle. According to costs of transport and regulations in other countries, we are giving suggestions to our clients about the best route and type of tra- nsport.


Air freight transport

Intersped successfully organized a air freight transport so many years. We have opened the branch office at Sarajevo Airport. The guarantees of our quality are contracts with leading world air freight companies and our skilled cargo agents. We know how to organize a transport.


Ocean and River transport

Rarely advantage prices of service for all destinations in the world.
Special offer for desti- nations in Africa. From this year river transport dispe- rse cargo from port Brcko, Vukovar and Osjek.
Special privilege for multi- modal railway transport across port Brcko.



Container transport

Intersped Sarajevo can organize the container transport of goods, (tra- nsports, common, dispe- rse and current freight) in corporation with carriage operators worldwide.
In corporation with leading worldly shipping agents, we will organization tra- nsport allaround port in world.



Transport of dangerous goods

In description our services offices, we can very succe- ssful organize transport dangerous goods.
We offer logistic suppo- rting and assure certificate and technical appendage at transport  of oversize with mobile technical team.


Organization and transport of oversize goods

Intersped d.d. Sarajevo can organize the tra- nsport, and offer logistic supporting and assure certificate and technical appendage at transport of oversize and all kinds special freight.